Norma Bateman Rosebowl ‘Powerful’

PosnTitle and Author
103 LOOKING DOWN  by   Jeff Haynes Class1
202 HARLEY  by   Jeff Haynes Class1
303 BATTLING WHITE WATER  by   Trevor Hyde Class2
4    H 02 THE POWER OF THE LORD  by   David Rees Class 2
      H 03 BIG OLD BOY  by   Ray Staff Class 1
      H 04 THE POWER OF NATURE  by   Tom Barclay class1
     7=01 A BYGONE ERA  by   Ted Weller class1
      =01 BATTERSEA RENAISSANCE  by   Jeff Haynes Class1
      =01 BETRAYAL  by   David Rees Class 2
      =01 FACE THE STORM  by   Ray Staff Class 1
      =01 HORSE POWER  by   Claire Daltrey Class 2
      =01 JALI WINDOW  by   Chunilal Chavda class1
      =01 LANDSCAPE OF POWER  by   Fiona Rich Class2
      =01 OFF TO WORK  by   Tom Barclay class1
      =01 POWER STATION  by   Peter Hill class2
      =01 SPINACRE TOWER  by   Sue McGill Class 2
      =01 STRENGH in the LIGHT  by   Rebwar Fatah class2
      =01 THE GOALKEEPER  by   Trevor Hyde Class2
      =01 THE WALL OF HEARTS  by   Jane McLeod Class2
      =02 GREEN MANGO  by   Chunilal Chavda class1
      =02 HEADING NORTH  by   Tom Barclay class1
      =02 HYDRO ENERGY  by   Ted Weller class1
      =02 NEOLITHIC POWERHOUSE  by   Ray Staff Class 1
      =02 POWER OF THE MIND  by   Claire Daltrey Class 2
      =02 POWER TO DRAW TRAINS AND CROWDS  by   Trevor Hyde Class2
      =02 POWER of SKATEBOARD  by   Rebwar Fatah class2
      =02 POWERFUL VICTORIAN ENGINEERING  by   Fiona Rich Class2
      =02 SCULPTED BY ATLANTIC WAVES  by   Jane McLeod Class2
      =02 SUNSET  by   Sue McGill Class 2
      =02 THE US EMBASSY  by   Peter Hill class2
      =03 FACE IN THE BUSH  by   Chunilal Chavda class1
      =03 GIRL POWER  by   Claire Daltrey Class 2
      =03 GLACIAL POWER SCARS THE LANDSAPE  by   Fiona Rich Class2
      =03 GUSHING RAIN  by   Ted Weller class1
      =03 LOVE ACROSS THE GENERATIONS  by   Tom Barclay class1
      =03 PYLON  by   David Rees Class 2
      =03 THE CITY  by   Peter Hill class2
      =03 The POWER of MUSIC  by   Rebwar Fatah class2r
      =03 WEIGHTS  by   Sue McGill Class 2
      =04 BY THE WATERFALL  by   Trevor Hyde Class2
      =04 HORSEPOWER  by   Rebwar Fatah class2
      =04 MAN & MACHINE  by   Jeff Haynes Class1
      =04 MILLENIUM WHEEL  by   Fiona Rich Class2
      =04 RED FORK  by   Chunilal Chavda class1
      =04 THAMES ROCKET  by   Peter Hill class2

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