Set Subject Guidance 2023 – 24

Some ideas to get you thinking!
Be creative, think out of the box, have fun!

22 November 2023 – Norma Bateman Rosebowl
From An Unusual Viewpoint

Look up, down, sideways, frame the subject creatively, use reflections, consider an unusual political viewpoint, sign or phrase and capture it…  Have fun with perspective so that objects appear to be a different size or distance due to the angle you shoot from.

24 January 2024 – Set Subject No. 1

Liquid in any form from water and wine, to oil and paint, any liquid form…. Think  landscapes, macro, still life, creative work…. Splashing, pouring, coating, dribbling, seeping, in motion liquid droplets….Clear, cloudy or coloured liquid….Oil and water mixed together….Refraction through liquid

28 February 2024 – Set Subject No. 2
Ancient and Modern

An image that captures both aspects of ancient and the modern together….think landscapes, architecture, creative work, still life, portraits.

Ancient’ can be used to describe something that has lived or existed for a very long time (e.g. ancient oak trees or a building), something that is of, coming from or belonging to a time that was long ago in the past (e.g. from an ancient civilisation) and a machine or technology that is considered outdated or obsolete.
Modern can be defined as: existing in the present or a recent time, or using or based on recently developed ideas, methods or styles.

27 March 2024 – Set Subject No. 3

The Texture set subject competition is broad in scope, covering straight out of camera images to using textures to overlay on another image. Or maybe you can surprise the judge by coming up with your own innovative ways of using textures in your work.
Definition: the feel, appearance or consistency of a surface or substance.
Examples: polished glass, smooth porcelain, a baby’s soft and delicate skin, the velvety softness of a rose petal, pitted and cracked cork, animal fur or feathers, grainy wood, raw egg, rusted metal, peeling paint and other examples of decay, tactile rubber, concrete, flowers which are past their best.
The challenge is to portray the physical feel of the texture in a 2-dimensional image and convey a mood or a feeling.
Pay attention to how you light your textures. Side lighting will create shadows that accentuate the depth and dimension of rough textures. Soft diffuse lighting will suit more delicate subjects. Try backlighting to bring out the texture of translucent subjects such as flowers which are beginning to decay. Move around and shoot from different angles to find the best way to showcase the texture in your image.
Consider which lens may work best – possibly macro or special effect lenses such as Lensbaby or vintage lenses. Introduce variety by incorporating different colours and patterns or use contrasting kinds of textures.
You can also use textures as overlays on top of another image to create imaginative new effects. The challenge here is to choose your textures wisely so they enhance the work. Make sure they blend well with the underlying image.
Maybe you can come up with other ways to showcase your textures. Above all be bold and experiment.