Strictly FEPS Wednesday 22 June 2022 Results

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
103 WATERSHIP DOWN  by   Claire Thornton (Peoples’ Choice 1st)25
      =03 DIZZY MAKING  by   Lorraine Carne25
301 TORN RAG  by   Chunilal Chavda24
401 RELEASE THE GLITTER BALLS  by   Antonia Thompson22
      =02 LIKE A CIRCLE IN A SPIRAL  by   Claire Thornton Class 222
      =02 TO THE RESCUE  by   Ralph Watson22
      =03 DECISIONS, DECISIONS  by   Ralph Watson22
      =03 DREAMING  by   Chunilal Chavda22
901 CRINKLY PETALS  by   Lorraine Carne21
      =01 LIGHTS in the WINDOWS  by   Rebwar Fatah Class221
      =01 LOVE IT OR HATE IT  by   Claire Thornton Class 221
      =02 LETS DANCE  by   Antonia Thompson21
      =02 ROSE  by   mike barber – 121
1401 CHIN CHIN  by   Jane McLeod Class 2-920
      =01 HI HI HI HI HI HI HI  by   Ralph Watson20
      =01 MELTING GLACIERS OF GREENLAND  by   Trevor Hyde Class 220
      =01 TRANQUILITY  by   Justin Grant class 120
      =02 HAIRY TOES  by   Jane McLeod Class 220
      =02 TEACHER AND STUDENT  by   Justin Grant class 120
      =02 WINDY DAY  by   Belinda Ewart20
      =03 FROSTED  by   Jane McLeod Class 220
      =03 SHORT BACK AND SIDES  by   Paul Burwood class120
2303 THE LONELY GIANT PETREL  by   Trevor Hyde Class219
2402 GRATER FACE  by   Claire Daltrey class218
      =02 HERON on a TREE  by   Rebwar Fatah Class218
      =02 MOVEMENT  by   Denise Odell18
      =03 MAN WITH A HAT  by   Ray Staff18
      =03 SILHOUETTE UNDER A HAT  by   Rebwar Fatah Class218
      =03 THE DISAPPEARING ACT  by   Belinda Ewart18
3001 SIZEWELL SUNRISE  by   Ray Staff16
      =01 WHICH WAY SHALL WE GO  by   Denise Odell16
      =02 BEAM ME UP SCOTTY  by   Ray Staff16
      =02 EYED  by   Chunilal Chavda16
      =03 DO THE TWIST  by   Antonia Thompson16
      =03 WASHING DAY AT THE TOWER OF LONDON  by   Justin Grant class 116
3601 AT GNOME ON A BOAT  by   Claire Daltrey class215
      =02 YOUR PLACE OR MINE-  by   Paul Burwood class115
      =03 HAPPY LADY  by   Claire Daltrey class215
      =03 UNHAPPY SNOWMAN  by   Ted Weller15
4002 I THINK I’M READY  by   Lorraine Carne14
      =03 FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT  by   mike barber – 114
4201 YUK  by   Ted Weller13
      =03 FOCUS ON ME  by   Denise Odell13
4401 CHASING SQUIRRELS  by   mike barber – 112
      =01 SPEAKERS CORNER CONFRONTATION  by   Paul Burwood class112
      =02 CABARET NIGHT  by   Trevor Hyde Class212
4702 BIRD ON A BOX  by   Ted Weller10
4801 THE RICKETY BRIDGE  by   Belinda Ewart class28

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