Projected Image of the Year Results

PosnTitle and Author
101 OLD OAK  by   Ray Staff Class 1
203 PINN MILL  by   Ray Staff Class 1
302 OXFORD STREET ROAD WORKS  by   Jeff Haynes
4    H 01 A WHITECHAPEL WINDOW  by   Jeff Haynes
02 GIVING IT MAXIMUM EFFORT  by   Paul Burwood class1
      H 02 POWER OF THE MIND  by   Claire Daltrey Class 2
      H 03 BUACHAILLE ETIVE MÒR  by   Paul Burwood class1
    801 CAMDEN PUNK  by   Trevor Hyde Class2
      =01 COW PACINO – YOU TALKIN’ TO ME  by   David Rees Class 2
      =01 GOING FOR A SURF  by   Lloyd Briscoe class2
      =01 HOPE  by   Belinda Ewart class1
      =01 INTIMACY OF THE SUN  by   Phil Wright class2
      =01 KINGS CROSS STATION  by   Paul Burwood class1
      =01 NEW HOUSING ESTATE  by   Denise Odell class2
      =01 SKY HORSE  by   Claire Daltrey Class 2
      =01 STAC A PHRIS  by   Jane McLeod Class2
      =01 VIEW FROM A LIGHTHOUSE  by   Peter Hill class2
      =01 WEST WITTERING   by   Sue Mcgill class2
      =01 WINDY SUNSET  by   Fiona Rich Class2
      =02 AMBIENT LIGHT  by   Fiona Rich Class2
      =02 BAMFORD WEIR  by   Trevor Hyde Class2
      =02 BEAUTIFUL EVENING  by   Sue Mcgill class2
      =02 CALLANISH MORNING VIEW  by   Ray Staff class 1
      =02 DOG DAY ON THE BEACH  by   Phil Wright class2r
      =02 GALLERIES  by   Peter Hill class2
      =02 LADDER NEXT TO A WINDOW  by   Jane McLeod Class2
      =02 SHADES OF AUTUMN  by   Denise Odell class2
      =02 THE BARBERSHOP  by   Belinda Ewart class1
      =02 YELLOW LILY  by   David Rees Class 2
      =03 A TUMBLE OF TULIPS  by   Belinda Ewart class1
      =03 ARRANGEMENT  by   Peter Hill class2
      =03 BATTLING WHITE WATER  by   Trevor Hyde Class2
      =03 CALLANISH SUNRISE  by   Fiona Rich Class2
      =03 CALM WATERS  by   Sue Mcgill class2
      =03 CORROSION  by   Phil Wright class2
      =03 PIDGEONS  by   David Rees Class 2
      =03 PURPLE WOODS  by   Denise Odell class2
      =03 TRUMPETS AND CHANDELIERS  by   Claire Daltrey class2
      =03 URBAN FOX TAKES A BREAK  by   Jane McLeod
      =03 WATCHING OUT FOR YOU  by   Jeff Haynes

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