PDI Open 1 Class 2

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
101 BATMANS PET  by   Ralph Watson Class220
201 FADED GLORY  by   Yvonne Milsome Class 220
303 THE PIED PIPER OF AUDLEY END  by   Yvonne Milsome Class 220
4    H01 WALK ON BY, BRICK LANE  by   Denise Odell class219
      H02 CHROME BEAUTY  by   Claire Thornton Class219
      H02 GREY HERON  by   Brian Collinge class 219
701 LAPWING  by   Brian Collinge class 218
      =02 BLUEBELL TIME  by   Yvonne Milsome Class 218
      =03 KELPIE  by   Malcolm Jackson class 218
      =03 LIGHT AND SHADOW  by   Claire Thornton Class218
1101 COLOUR FUNK  by   Lorraine Carne Class 217
      =02 IM WAITING  by   Philip OBrien class217
      =03 LIGHT AND SHADOWS ON WEMBLEY WAY  by   Denise Odell class217
      =03 SAILING INT THE SUNSET  by   Brian Collinge class 217
      =03 SUMMER NECTAR  by   Ralph Watson Class217
1601 HOKUSAI HERON  by   Louise Rogers class216
      =01 MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE  by   Peter Hill class216
      =01 OLD MAN RIVER  by   Philip OBrien class216
      =01 PINK SKY  by   Kerry Sargood class216
      =01 SOLIDARITY  by   Claire Daltrey Class2r16
      =02 SUNNY FLOWER  by   Lorraine Carne Class 216
      =02 SWIMMER  by   Malcolm Jackson class 216
      =03 AMARYLLIS  by   Claire Daltrey Class 2r16
      =03 DRINK FROM ME IF YOU DARE  by   Phil Wright class216
2501 CHICAGO BEAN SELFIE  by   Malcolm Jackson class 215
      =01 DREAMING OF YESTERDAY  by   Caroline Glenn Class 215
      =01 RHYTHM  by   A.Kubara class2r15
      =01 TRAUMA  by   Chau Whitehead class2rr15
      =02 BEING YOUR SHADOW  by   A.Kubara class215
      =02 BRENTFORD LOCK REGENERATION  by   Alun Ball class215
      =02 DEWY ROSE  by   Denise Odell class215
      =02 DREAMS  by   Chau Whitehead class215
      =02 MY DREAM CAR  by   Caroline Glenn Class 215
      =02 THEY THINK WE ARE NOT REAL  by   Ralph Watson class215
      =03 CITYSCAPE  by   A.Kubara class215
      =03 OFFICES WITH A POINT  by   Peter Hill class215
3701 ABANDONED MINE IN SVALBARD  by   Alun Ball class214
      =01 CHANNELLING MY INNER MONET  by   Claire Thornton Class214
      =01 SHADOWS ON A BALCONY  by   Phil Wright class2r14
      =02 DUSK AT HAMMERSMITH BRDGE  by   Phil Wright class 02r14
      =02 PEDAL POWER  by   Claire Daltrey Class2r14
      =02 RUNNING AWAY  by   Peter Hill class214
      =03 BRILLIANT BLOOMS AT WISLEY  by   Caroline Glenn Class 214
      =03 OLD BOAT WITH SEAWEED  by   Alun Ball class214
      =03 WAITING  by   Chau Whitehead class214

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