PDI open 1 Class 2

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
103 BUSY BEE  by   Philip Toms class220
202 MASK ZONE  by   Denise Odell class220
302 ENDLESS FLOW  by   Antonia Thompson 20
4    H 01 THE ESCAPE ROUTE  by   Antonia Thompson class 220
5    H 03 Jimbo the Jumbo  by   David Milton class 2 jpg (Bot306)19
601 HUT 6  by   Denise Odell class218
      =01 LAVENDER GIRL  by   mike barber class 2 – 118
      =01 VIEW ACROSS THE THAMES  by   Geoff Brown Class 218
      =02 ST PAULS FROM AFAR  by   Geoff Brown Class 218
      =02 ST. STEPHEN’S CHURCH WALBROOK  by   Trevor Hyde Class218
      =02 WATCHING THE SUN GOING DOWN  by   mike barber class 2 – 118
1201 Portrait of Julie  by   David Milton class 2 jpg (Alg-175)17
      =03 CLOSE-UP STINKY IRIS   by   Trevor Hyde Class217
      =03 HOW ABOUT THIS ONE  by   Geoff Brown Class 217
      =03 SPRING FLOWERS  by   Denise Odell class217
1601 IF A TREE FALLS  by   Peter Hill class216
      =01 SUNSET AT BARMOUTH MAWDDACH ESTUARY   by   Trevor Hyde Class216
      =01 THREE HORSES  by   Philip Toms class216
      =02 BRANCHES  by   Peter Hill class216
      =02 Good Hair Day  by   David Milton class 2 jpg (Franka.mr..092)16
2101 FLOWER GIRL  by   Judy Domoney Class 215
      =02 SEED  by   Philip Toms class215
      =02 SPRINGS COMING  by   Judy Domoney Class215
      =03 DEER LIKE CARROTS  by   Peter Hill class215

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