PDI 1 Class 2

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
102 FUNNINGSFJORDUR HARBOURSIDE,   by   Trevor Hyde Class220
203 MY FAVOURITE SHIRT  by   Linda Williams class220
303 LOUNGE WITH A VIEW  by   Denise Odell class220
4    H 02 CAUGHT BETWEEN THE TRAFFIC  by   Denise Odell class220
5    H 01 HANGING AROUND ON THE SOUTHBANK  by   Denise Odell class219
      H 03 GENTOO PENGUIN IN DEEP SNOW  by   Trevor Hyde Class219
701 THE GATEKEEPER  by   Philip Toms class219
      =02 BEAKY  by   Tom Barclay class219
      =03 POPPY  by   Philip Toms class219
1001 DANDELION HEAD  by   Trevor Hyde Class218
      =01 HERON SWIRL  by   Linda Williams class218
      =01 MASKED MEN OF PAPUA  by   David Milton class 2 (15.102)18
      =01 ST PANCRAS REFLECTS  by   Peter Hill class218
      =02 GOING NOWHERE   by   Geoff Brown Class 218
      =02 THE COFFEE SHOP  by   Peter Hill class218
      =02 UNCHAINED SOUTHBANK  by   Linda Williams class218
      =03 SEA LEGS  by   Phil Wright class218
1801 A STEP BACK IN TIME  by   Geoff Brown Class 217
      =01 VIEW OF KEW  by   Claire Daltrey Class 217
      =01 WHY THE LONG FACE  by   Tom Barclay class217
      =02 CACTUS SUNSHINE  by   Claire Daltrey Class 217
      =02 SUNSET  by   Vasant Pankhania class217
      =03 SPHINX AND GREAT PYRAMID  by   Tom Barclay class217
2401 CUMBRIAN WATERS  by   Phil Wright class216
      =03 BEAUTIFUL BEASTIE  by   Claire Daltrey Class 216
      =03 BEST OF FRIENDS (L2019.171)  by   David Milton class 216
      =03 STREET BUSKER  by   Geoff Brown Class 216
=01 DIVIDED RIVER  by   Vasant Pankhania class 2 resize 7716
2902 BLOSSOMING ETNA  by   Phil Wright class215
      =02 NO WAY THROUGH, PAL (15.470)  by   David Milton class 215
      =02 ROSE  by   Philip Toms class215
      =03 REFLECTION  by   Vasant Pankhania class 215

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