PDI Open 1 CLass 1

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
101 SCALES OF JUSTICE by Justin Grant class 120
202 GOLDEN JACKALS by Mike Walker Class120
302 MORNING GLORY by Paul Burwood class120
4 H01 TIGER HERON by Mike Walker Class120
H02 CORNERED by Dominic Beaven class120
6 H01 GEORGIAN SHEPHERD by Jeff Haynes Class119
701 THE LIGHTHOUSE AT THE END OF THE WORLD by Neil Jackson class119
=02 ABOUT TO DEPART by Justin Grant class 119
=02 DEMO ON THE BRIDGE by Jeff Haynes Class119
=02 RED PLANET by Val Walker Class119
1101 ABSTRACT IN GLASS by Val Walker18
=01 FORTY WINKS by Belinda Ewart class118
=01 GOING SOMEWHERE by Ray Staff class118
=01 IN THE CLOUDS by alan rhodes class 118
=01 THE SERPENT by Dominic Beaven class118
=02 A QUESTION OF BALANCE by Brian Gibson class118
=02 LAVENDER FIELDS by alan rhodes class 118
=02 THE EYES HAVE IT by Ted Weller class118
=02 WHERE ARE YOU by Chunilal Chavda class1 – IMG 3445b18
2001 IT’S NOT TOO LATE by Paul Burwood class117
=01 RUDDY DARTER by Peter Sibley class117
=01 TWISTED OAK by Brian Gibson class117
=02 HORNET MIMIC HOVERFLY by Peter Sibley class117
=02 NATURES SHAPES by Neil Jackson class117
2501 COPYCAT by Chunilal Chavda class1 – IMG 138516
=01 SAILING IN SWANAGE BAY by Gill Grace class 116
=02 CHANGING THE HEADCODE by Belinda Ewart class116
=02 HUSTLE AND BUSTLE by Ray Staff class116
=02 PEACE NEARLY THERE COUNTY DERRY by Gill Grace class 116
3001 SOUTH BANK AT NIGHT by Ted Weller class115

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