FEPS Outings scheduled up to June 2024.

Outings scheduled for the remainder of the 2023-24 Season:

Sunday 24 March 2024: CITY PANELS: a slightly different format, following the Members Evening ‘Panel Workshop’ session on Wednesday 20 March, this outing will be focused on enabling members to assemble sets of images of selected City of London landmark buildings, which could be suitable for a print panel or triptych.

April 2024: There’s a bit of a gap here – do You have an idea for a FEPS photographic outing? Have you visited somewhere recently and thought: ‘I’d like to bring the other photographers here.’ Why not organise a FEPS Outing? Peter & Trevor can assist you with website & email announcements, etc. Please contact Peter via the usual email below.

Sunday 12 May 2024: SOUTHEND-ON-SEA: One-day coastal trip including Southend Pier, Cliff Lift, seafront amusement arcades, funfair, gardens, beaches, cafes, fish & chips, and all the usual seaside attractions.

Late June 2024: BRENTFORD HIGH STREET and the environs, including Gauging Docks and Boatyards. A chance to visit an area which has changed from a flourishing docks and shipping area to a rapidly changing world of modern buildings and riverside parks.

All outing dates are subject to change due to rail strike action or adverse weather. Members can join the ‘Field End outings’ WhatsApp group to keep in touch about travel issues and meeting places.

Further details, including meeting times and locations, will be provided to members by email nearer the date of the outing. Please let Trevor or Peter H know if you plan to join an outing, and if you have any suggestions for future trips

Please contact Peter or Trevor for details

Email: digital@fieldendps.co.uk


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