Sunday 03 December 2023: CITY OF LONDON ABANDONED CHURCHES & NIGHT LIGHTS/CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: including Christchurch Greyfriars, St Dunstan in the East, and many others.
This outing will be split into several sections, and although some walking is involved, sections can be omitted to suit everyone’s stamina levels!

1) Meeting at Moorgate Underground Station, we explore nine abandoned churches to the North of Ludgate Hill and St Pauls Cathedral. They are all very different, and vary from a few stones by the pavement, to ‘orphaned towers’, to magnificent ruins. Although this sounds a long way, they are all very close together with just a few minutes walk between each site. We head South past The Old Bailey to Ludgate Hill.

Those who prefer less walking can catch a bus from Ludgate Hill to part (3)

2) Keeping South of St Pauls Cathedral, we head East and visit another four abandoned churches, and pass several complete and maintained ones. This section is quite a long walk but passes many famous London buildings and views.

3) St Dunstan in the East – possibly one of the most favoured locations for photographers in London, this abandoned church is so popular for Wedding, Fashion and performing arts shots, that if used for commercial purposes you have to buy a licence! Somewhere to try coming back to with your camera in different seasons and at various time of the day to experience the amazing light. Then on to All Hallows Staining Tower on the way to the pub.

4) Refreshments/meal in a famous pub at Tower Hill. Close to Tower Hill Station for those that want to call it a day.

5) Following refreshments at Tower Hill, optional evening walk from Tower Bridge along the Thames Bank to photograph the (Christmas) lights.

Please contact Peter Hill or Trevor Hyde for further details of the route, and to let us know you will be joining us.

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