Set Subject 1 ‘Woods’

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
102 THE MAGIC OF THE CAIRNGORMS  by   Belinda Ewart class120
201 WINTER WOODS  by   Justin Grant class 120
302 WOODEN GABLE  by   Chunilal Chavda class120
4    H 01 TREE BARK  by   Ted Weller class119
      H 02 GRUFFALO HUNTING  by   Tom Barclay class119
      H 03 WOOD PATTERNS  by   Ted Weller class119
701 STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD  by   Antonia Thompson Class 219
      =01 STANDING TALL  by   Paul Burwood class 119
      =02 THROUGH THE ARCHES  by   Paul Burwood class 119
      =03 LOOP STRUCTURE  by   Chunilal Chavda class119
      =03 TREES IN THE VALLEY  by   Jeff Haynes class119
1201 ENCIRCLED  by   Philip Toms class218
      =01 REACH FOR THE SKY  by   Brian Gibson class118
      =02 SHADE AND SUN  by   Jeff Haynes class118
      =03 THE SPLENDOUR OF AUTUMN  by   Belinda Ewart class118
1601 A FLEETING MOMENT AT RUISLIP WOODS  by   Ray Staff class 117
      =01 SPRING WOODS  by   Denise Odell class217
      =01 THE MAJESTY OF THE WOODS   by   Belinda Ewart class117
      =01 WALKING INTO THE WOODS  by   Jeff Haynes class117
      =03 MICHELDEVER  by   Paul Burwood class 117
      =03 MORNING SHADOWS   by   mike barber – 117
      =03 POOL OF LIGHT  by   Philip Toms class217
2301 DAPPLED LIGHT  by   Judy Domoney Class216
      =01 NO LONGER UPRIGHT  by   Trevor Hyde Class216
      =02 ATTENTION!  by   Antonia Thompson class 2 16
      =02 ILLUMINATED  by   Ray Staff class 116
      =02 IMPRESSION  by   Philip Toms class216
      =02 SHADOWS  by   Denise Odell class216
      =02 WOODLAND FUNGUS  by   Ted Weller class116
      =03 COMICBOOK WOODLAND SCENE  by   Tom Barclay class116
      =03 LIGHT AND SHADE  by   Denise Odell class216
      =03 LOOK UP  by   Antonia Thompson CLass 216
      =03 WALK IN THE WOODS  by   Yvonne Milsome Class3 16
      =03 WOODS  by   Peter Hill class216
3501 A Clearing in the Jungle (png066)  by   David Milton class 2 jpg15
      =01 LOST IN THE WOODS  by   Yvonne Milsome Class215
      =01 REACH FOR THE SKY   by   mike barber – 115
      =01 SAWN TIMBER  by   Chunilal Chavda class115
      =02 THE LITTLE HOME IN THE WOODS  by   Trevor Hyde Class215
      =02 HOME IN THE WOODS  by   Yvonne Milsome Class2 15
      =02 TREE TUNNEL  by   Brian Gibson class115
      =02 WALK THROUGH  by   Peter Hill class215
      =03 BACKLIT FERNS  by   Ray Staff class 115
      =03 WHEN NATURE TAKES OVER  by   Judy Domoney Class215
4501 HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN  by   Tom Barclay class114
      =01 SHINE THROUGH  by   Peter Hill class214
      =02 STANDING ALONE  by   Judy Domoney Class214
      =03 HIGHER THAN THE REST  by   Trevor Hyde Class214
      =03 WISTMANS WOOD  by   Brian Gibson class114
5002 MOSS COVERED SEAT   by   mike barber – 113
      =02 Sawn in the Woods (R11.11)  by   David Milton class 2 jpg13
      =03 Into the Woods  by   David Milton class 2 jpg (R18.26)13

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