PDI Open 4 Class 2

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
102 PREENING AND SUNBATHING  by   Fiona Rich Class220
201 Windmill At Sunset  by   Antonia Thompson20
303 Autumnal Woods  by   Antonia Thompson19
4    H 03 EXHAUSTION  by   Nele Kerstan Class219
      H 03 Flames  by   Philip Toms 19
6    H 03 DOG DAY ON THE BEACH  by   Phil Wright class218
701 STAIRCASE  by   Denise Odell class218
      =02 CITY LANDSCAPE  by   Geoff Brown Class 218
      =02 YELLOW FLOWERS  by   Nele Kerstan Class218
      =03 THE DINING ROOM  by   Geoff Brown Class 218
1101 BUSKING SIBLINGS  by   Phil Wright class217
      =01 RAY’S TREE  by   Fiona Rich Class217
      =01 THE BEACH  by   TREVOR HYDE Class217
      =02 A CHAT WHILE SHOPPING  by   Denise Odell class217
      =02 Lakeside Reflections  by   Antonia Thompson 17
      =02 Pavement Picnic (E32)  by   David Milton class 2 jpg17
      =03 FOURTY WINKS  by   Fiona Rich Class217
1801 BENEATH THE QUAY  by   Philip Toms class216
      =01 SIMPLY A DAFFODIL  by   Nele Kerstan Class216
      =01 The Three Bears  by   David Milton class 2 jpg (L042)16
      =02 METRO ENTRANCE  by   TREVOR HYDE Class216
      =02 SMART METER  by   Peter Hill class216
      =02 THE HEART OF THE FLOWER  by   Philip Toms class216
2401 HARBOUR VIEW  by   Geoff Brown Class 215
      =01 RIVERSIDE PUBS  by   Peter Hill class215
      =03 BUILDING OUTLINES  by   TREVOR HYDE Class2, 8F5A074915
      =03 LAST LEAF  by   Denise Odell class215
      =03 Sunset(B144)  by   David Milton class 2 jpg15
2902 SNOWS ACROSS THE BROOK  by   Phil Wright class214
      =03 INN BETWEEN BOATS  by   Peter Hill class214

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