PDI Open 2 Class 1

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
102 SLEEP WALKING  by   Chunilal Chavda class120
202 LOCKED OUT  by   Ted Weller class120
302 AMONGST THE ARCHES  by   Val Walker Class120
4    H01 TAWNY EAGLE IN FLIGHT  by   Val Walker Class120
      H02 CATCH OF THE DAY  by   Dominic Beaven Class 120
6    H02 BENDS AND CURVES  by   Belinda Ewart class119
701 LITTLE OWL  by   Mike Walker Class119
      =01 WAITING  by   Chunilal Chavda class119
      =02 PAINTED LADY  by   Peter Sibley class119
      =03 TREE SQUIRREL  by   Mike Walker Class119
1101 LADYBIRD FEEDING  by   Peter Sibley class118
      =01 RAGGED WING BUTTERFLY  by   Ted Weller class118
      =02 WAITING FOR LUNCH  by   Justin Grant class 118
      =03 KINGFISHER  by   Peter Sibley class118
      =03 REACH  by   alan rhodes class 118
      =03 ROCKY OUTCROP  by   Brian Gibson class118
      =03 SOUTHWOLD BEACH HUTS  by   Val Walker Class118
1801 HORSE ON THE HILL  by   Jeff Haynes Class117
      =01 TEMPTING LUNCH  by   Belinda Ewart class117
      =01 WAITING FOR THE SUNSET  by   Brian Gibson class117
      =01 WRONG TURN  by   Dominic Beaven Class 117
      =02 AFRICAN VIBES  by   alan rhodes class 117
      =02 GOING FISHING-  by   Paul Burwood class117
      =02 GREEN WOODPECKER  by   Mike Walker Class117
      =02 PEOPLE ON THE STREET  by   Jeff Haynes Class117
      =03 FIGURES IN RED  by   Jeff Haynes Class117
      =03 LEST WE FORGET BOMBER COMMAND  by   Paul Burwood class117
2801 BOHO AND BOOTS  by   alan rhodes class 116
      =01 PASSING TIME  by   Paul Burwood class116
      =01 TOP OF THE ROCK  by   Justin Grant class 116
      =02THE SHARD RAINDROPS VIEW  by   Gill Grace class 116
3201 ROTHESAY BAY  by   Gill Grace class 115
      =02 PAINTED LADY  by   Brian Gibson class115

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