Click to Print workshops are back!

As promised we are planning to start up CLICK TO PRINT… a series of three or four evening workshops and tutorials where Craig, Ray and Belinda will take you through the process of editing your images, printing and mounting them so they are competition ready.

We are planning to run the sessions on TUESDAY  evenings from 7.30 – 9pm.

Venue: Ray’s house: 5 Cheney Street, Pinner HA5 2TF

Please let Belinda know if you’d like to join the group. Her email is

Pre-prep work:  find a few images that you think are your best work for print and bring them along to the first session.

Session 1

datesession focusDetail of sessionpre-planning or homework!what to bring
31.01.231Getting images print ready.  Principles of printingDecide which of your images would make the best print.
Lightroom editing/Photoshop editing.  Principles of printing
Decide on three or four images that you like and think would make a good print.

Work on editing techniques between sessions.
laptop with Lightroom or Photoshop or USB stick with images on – RAW or JPEG format
07.02.232Getting images print ready continued.  Start printing processContinuation of LR and PS digital editing techniques.  Advice on how to digitally enhance image.
Begin to print images.
Work on editing techniques between sessions.laptop with Lightroom or Photoshop or USB stick with images on – RAW or JPEG format
21.02.233Mounting your imageMounting choices. Demonstration on how to mount an image.Bring printed images from last week

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